Travel China

yo! My dream is travel all over the world!!!

The first place I would like to travel is————- CHINA!!!

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Here are some interested thing about China.

Maybe i m chinese girl so i wish can travel whole china.

China I m coming!!!


Dont walk infront of me,

i may not follow.

Dont walk behind of me,

i may not lead.

Y cant u juz walk besides me and be my friend?

U juz leave.

Y u cant juz accompany me and always be with me

When i m cold i wil think of u,

when i m alone i think bec d time with u,

when i walk on dat street i saw ur shadow,

when i at dat mall i miss d time and d feeling with u.

Y u cant sit, stand, walk besides me all d time?

Y u juz leave silently and wouldnt come bec to me?






now u ardy leave…..

can i shout “dont ever leave”?

watever i do now are no use anymore…


Motives to travel include pleasure,relaxation, discovery and exploration getting to know other cultures and taking personal time for building interpersonal relationship.

Love and Friendship

Check it out

tRUE fRIEND is never apart. Maybe in distance but not in heart.

bEING fRIEND with u has added a bright spot to my life.


One day i caught myself  smiling for no reason, then i realized i was thinking of u.

hOPE         fAITH        pEACE        lOVE       bELIEVE

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Chinese New Year

woohoo~~~~ Happy Chinese Year!!!



duno tis year is a happy or bad new year…

homework might many than my money of angpau.

sad rite? YA

that’s the life of form 5 student.

so i hope can past tis year faster.

my new year wont happen any happier thing or special thing…


hope all ppl that i noe n noe me wil be better in tis year!!!



my lovely day or my bad day???

I’m sure today is sleepy day!!!

Before rest time i get 4 stupid and damn lame lessons.

2 period of chinese class and 2 period of account class.

actually chinese class is okay, teacher give a esei as our homework.

the esei only need half and hour can finish but i stil not yet finish it haiz have to finish it at home. >~<

account class got many many many homework have to do!!!

Hate it!!!

Hey! Fake Friend!

my world was full of true friend n FAKE friend.

they all make me more strong and brave to face the cruel world.

there are only my family wont betray me, wont hurt me.

my fake friend try to make me down.

my fake friend betray me.

my fake friend hurt me deeply.

my fake friend look innocent but her true identity can kill people.

when you try to betray me, at that moment our friendship was end…

we were only pretending to be friend after that moment u hurt me, betray me, talking my bad and all d bad thing u do to me.

i feel damn tired to pretend good with you,but what to do to…

i got no choice, i cant just unfriend you.

i m trying to forgive you,but you seem dont think  u r wrong.

once make me feel hard to forgive u.

after 7 month all wil be gone.

after 7 month u wil not in my life anymore wat!

so i dont care you anymore.

at first, i tot u r my true friend bt now i noe very well u r d FAKE friend.

i m d innocent people cos trust u r my friend.

goodbye! my FAKE friend!